How to stake NFT

1. Click on [Ape Staking] → [NFT Pool] in the navigation bar.

2. In 'My NFT' list, find the NFT you want to stake and click on [Stake].

  • If your NFT is already in Pawnfi Lending Market, Consign, or Leverage, you can still select them for Ape Staking; when your NFT is sold or retrieved, Pawnfi will automatically pause Ape Staking for you and transfer the deposited principal and rewards to you.

  • If you choose to provide an NFT from your own wallet, you can additionally earn Supply returns of the corresponding P-Token from Pawnfi Lending Market.

3. Determine the quantity of $APE you wish to stake.

You have the option to utilize your own $APE or borrow from the $APE Pool. If you opt for borrowing from the $APE Pool, you'll be obligated to pay interest based on the borrowing rate. The projected returns for each combination can be confirmed within the user interface. Importantly, borrowing $APE is collateral-free, implying that if you're presently engaged with the lending market, this action will not increase your utilized borrowing limit.

4. If the chosen staked NFT is a BAKC, you need to select a paired NFT. The NFT can be any unpaired ID from BAYC or MAYC, and the ID or rarity does not affect your staking rewards.

5. After confirming the number of Apes to stake, initiate a chain transaction.

6. Wait for the chain transaction to succeed, and then you can start Ape Staking mining. You can view the current mining situation in the 'My NFT' list.

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