FAQs on Lending Market

Q: Why the token is enabled as collateral while I didn't switch on [Collateral] button?

A: That is because you might be supplying and borrowing the same token (that's say "DAI") at the same time. It should be a corner case but it is definitely possible. In this case, DAI will automatically stay in [Collateral] mode, and this can NOT be changed until you repay all the borrowed DAI.

Q: Why I can't withdraw all the supplied assets?

A: There are two possibilities.

  • When withdraw your supplied assets, your Borrow Limit Used would exceed 100%, which will lead to liquidation, thus your supplied assets can't be 100% withdrawn for now.

  • Lack of liquidity due to too much borrowing at this current moment. As liquidity recovers, you'll be able to withdraw your supplied assets.

Q: Why I cannot withdraw my P-Token when it's showing that I have available P-Token balance?

A: If you supplied NFT on Pawnfi Lending Market, your P-Token will be prioritized for withdrawing your NFT.

Withdrawable P-Token amount = P-Token position - Supplied NFT amount*1000

That is, if you supplied 2 BAYCs and there are currently 2,500 P-BAYC on your position, the maximum withdrawn of P-BAYC amount will be 500. However, your P-BAYC position is still possible to drop to less than 2,000 if liquidation happens. So, if now your P-BAYC position becomes 1,800, you will not be able to withdraw any P-BAYC.

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