How to place $PAWN in SAFE?

Place $PAWN in Pawnfi Secure Asset for Ecosystem (SAFE) for Voting Power and safety incentives.

1. Yield -> Pawnfi SAFE

2. Parameters

You will see:

  • Placing Amount ($PAWN): Amount of $PAWN you would like to place in SAFE

  • Placing Time: How long you would like to place those $PAWN in Pawnfi SAFE. Placing time is designed at weekly basis, and during placing time, those $PAWN cannot be withdrawn until the expiration date. The maximum time will be 52 weeks.

  • Voting Power: You will get Voting Power by placing $PAWN. Voting Power = Amount ($PAWN) x Placing Time in weeks

    • Ex. 1,000 $PAWN placed for 1 year = 52,000 Voting Power

  • Voting Power decay rate: Voting Power will decrease at weekly basis, which means it will decrease by placing amount every week.

Voting Power among all users will decrease on Thursday at 00:00:00 UTC, which is the breaking point.

That is, no matter you place your token on Week 2 Friday or Week 3 Wednesday, your Voting Power will decrease on Week 3 Thursday at 00:00:00 UTC.

3. Approve -> Submit transaction

After all the parameters are set, first click "Approve" to authorize. After approval, click "Place" to initiate on-chain transaction. Once completed, $PAWN are placed successfully. You will be able to see expiration in SAFE Schedule.

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