How to claim liquidity and reward

1. Click on [Yield] → [Liquidity Boosting] in the navigation bar.

2. Access to [Finished] or [Cancelled] tab and click on the event pool you would like to claim the liquidity and rewards from

  • If the event is successfully kicked off, you can check the position change in [In Progress] tab

    • After the boosting ends, access to [Finished] tab to claim liquidity and rewards

  • If the event is cancelled, access to [Cancelled] tab to claim back committed liquidity

3. Click [Claim] button to claim your final positions

4. Wait for the on-chain transaction to succeed, and the withdrawal is successful.

5. $PAWN rewards are temporarily unclaimable but can be tracked in your account and claimed later. Pawnfi will announce when $PAWN withdrawals become available.

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