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In this page, you can see all the personal relevant information in Pawnfi

1. About Activity/ Token Market/ NFT Listings

In this area, you can see Pawnfi's latest events/ announcements; token prices and quick navigation for trading; new NFT listings, and directly join in Pawnfi's communities.

2. About Lending Market

In this area, you can see

  • Top 3 markets with the largest supply volume

  • Top 3 markets with the largest borrow volume

  • Your current Supply, Borrow, and Limit Used

  • Your position in Supply & Borrow

3. About Pawnfi SAFE

In this area, you can see

  • Current placing situation among the market, total voting power, average placing time, and expected APY

  • Your placed token amount, current voting power, claimable token amount, and your percentage of voting power among the market

  • SAFE schedule for your $PAWN

  • Your current available Safety Incentives

4. About Liquidity Mining

In this area, you can see

  • Total TVL of liquidity mining in the market, weekly rewards, and expected APY from liquidity mining

  • Top 3 lending pools with the highest gauge weight

  • Liquidity (iToken) you currently stake

  • Your current available liquidity mining rewards

5. About Calendar

In this area, you can see events on particular days, which include:

  • Start and end date of an event

  • Order expiration date

  • Liquidation alert

  • $PAWN displace notice

  • ...etc.

6. About My Records

In this area, you can see all your live orders

  • NFT Leverage

  • Consignment

  • Listing

  • Offer

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