How to displace $PAWN?

1. Wait until Expiration

Via the schedule, you can see placed amount and corresponding expiration.

Following the Voting Power decay schedule, Placing Time will all end on Thursday at 00:00:00 UTC, which is the breaking point.

Placed $PAWN with the same Expiration will be aggregated on the same row.

2. Initiate Exit Stream

After expiration, $PAWN tokens that are no longer placed but still in the contract will be displaying under "Streamable". Click "Stream" to initiate an exit stream. Afterwards, "Streaming" will be showing the $PAWN amount that is in streaming process.

When initiate an exit stream, if there are still $PAWN in Claimable (tokens that have streamed out), those $PAWN will be rolled back to streaming process.

3. Claim

It will take 7 days for streaming process to complete. However, $PAWN will be released to "Claimable" every second. That is, for each second, "Streaming" area would decrease by X and "Claimable" area would increase by X.

Click "Claim" button to claim all the claimable $PAWN.

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