How to stake liquidity for active incentives

1. Click [Stake] button

2. Enter iToken amount

You will need to have iToken to stake liquidity. When you supply assets in Lending Market, you will receive corresponding iToken.

Staking iToken will lower borrow limit, increasing borrow limit used. Please control your own risk. To prevent careless staking and unexpected liquidation, available staking amount (Max) will be lower than wallet balance.

If you receive iToken by supplying NFTs, iToken will be prioritized for NFT withdrawal. That is, available staking amount (Max) will be lowered accordingly.

3. Approve -> Submit transaction

Click [Approve] button in the pop-up window. After approval, click [confirm] to initiate on-chain transaction. Once transaction is confirmed, liquidity is staked successfully. You can check your staked liquidity in the table.

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