How to create a wallet

Create wallet

Install Metamask Browser Extension

  • Google Chrome is recommended. Click the link below for installation.

Create a Wallet

I. Once installation is completed, you will jump to this page. Click the Get Started button. If the webpage is not jumping, you can click Metamask on your extensions toolbar to open manually.

II. Click Create a Wallet

III. Click the I Agree

IV. Create a password for your wallet. This password is to be entered every time the browser is launched to use MetaMask and to export private key.

V. Watch the video to learn how to keep your wallet safely. Once done, click Next. Strongly recommended for beginners!

VI. Store your Secret Recovery Phrase in a safe place. If you lose this series of words or forget what order they’re in, you will lose access to your wallet and it will be unrecoverable. We recommend writing the phrase on a piece of paper and storing it in a memorable, safe, and secure spot.

VII. Click the 12 words in order to generate your own Secret Recovery Phrase.

VIII. Complete the above steps and CONGRATULATIONS! Now you have your first digital wallet!

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